Case Studies

Product Integrity Laboratory has worked with growing companies using contract manufacturers in the beauty industry for more than three decades. Our clients recognize the need for proper Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance and they recognize the need to manage contract manufacturing quality.

PIL has success stories falling under Quality Assurance Programs, Product Development and Regulatory Compliance.

Developed Quality Assurance Programs

  • Procedures
  • Specifications
  • QC Testing and Inspection
  • Production Troubleshooting

Product Development

  • Formula development and improvement
  • Stability and Package Compatibility Testing
  • Package Suitability and Performance Testing
  • Net Contents Evaluations and Filling Specification Development

Regulatory Compliance

  • Ingredient List Preparation for ‘global’ compliance (US, Canada, EU)
  • Evaluation of Labeling
  • Preparation of ‘Drug Facts’ labeling for OTC drug products
air bubbles on beautiful pink and blue cosmetic serum background for advertising and presentation of cosmetic products. Macro photo, vertical
Set of jars with cosmetics body cream with wooden stick on counter of cosmetic store. Treatment, care and wellness concept
nail varnish testing

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